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ffxiv ff14 elpis pocket pal plush keychains

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ffxiv ff14  elpis pocket pal plush keychains

ffxiv final fantasy 14 elpis pocket pal plush keychains

it's dangerous to go alone! take this! it's your favourite old new friends but as micro-organisms

✦ 5 inch / 10 cm (6.3cm head and 3.7cm body)
✦ the ball chain part is not included in this measurement
✦ the body is empty like a little ghost. only the head is stuffed

please note there are changes between the samples and the final product.

✦ Emet-Selch - red bow
✦ Hythlodaeus - white bow
✦ Hermes - red bow
✦ Venat - white bow
✦ Erichthonios - white bow, clear glass bead dangle
✦ Themis - red bow

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✦ plush keychains are made from a super soft fabric, perfect for holding gently in your hands. or throwing.
✦ these are collectible plush keychains, not suitable for children.
✦ intended for display/decoration by ages 14+

✦ please let me know if you want the item shipped in a box. otherwise it will be at my discretion.
✦ i cannot do anything about the shipping price for outside of north america, i am very sorry.
✦ all north american orders come with tracking by default because too many packages have been lost without tracking.