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ffxiv ff14 collectible plush doll - emissary elidibus

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ffxiv ff14 collectible plush doll - emissary elidibus

ffxiv final fantasy 14 collectible plush doll - emissary elidibus

hair and skin made from a super soft fabric, perfect for cuddling!
clothing (2 parts - cape and robe), mask, 2 pairs of shoes (hard and soft) comes with the doll and are removeable

elidibus is a portable height, approximately 20 cm / 8 inches tall. top-heavy with a big head, and cannot stand without assistance.
these are collectible plush dolls, not suitable for children. intended for display by ages 14+

*** NOTICE ***
the center part of the robe design is upside down in the final product. this is not considered a defect.
please do not purchase if this is something you cannot accept.

a great deal to bring home an adorable plush! it would be hard to notice there was anything wrong unless pointed out specifically.
these dolls have very minor flaws as a result of manufacturing:
✦ loose stitching
✦ visible white thread on hair pieces
✦ slightly misaligned hair pieces

these dolls have more visible flaws than a b-grade plush as a result of manufacturing
✦ glue spots
✦ grease spots/small stains - can be removed with a stain remover like Resolve or Tide to go stick
✦ misprinted robe design - can't be removed since it is printed on
✦ embroidery misalignment
✦ small (less than 3mm) fabric tears along stitching

i will be shipping the dolls in boxes so that they don't get damaged.
all orders come with tracking by default because too many packages have been lost without tracking.

wrinkles and folds are part of the shipping process. You can fluff up the doll heads to normal roundness, and the creases will disappear over time / with steam